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spa pharma
sheet mask 
for all skin types 



KEY Ingredients


SpaPharma’s detoxifying & purifying sheet mask contains activated charcoal to tighten pores and deeply cleanse . Charcoal acts to help draw out impurities, oil, and toxins that clog pores, promoting a balanced, flawless complexion while leaving your skin fresh and calm. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals and unique Red Algae, which is known for its ability to shield itself from environmental stresses and helps to reduce epidermal water loss from your skin.


dead sea minerals

directions for use

1. Massage contents of pouch before opening. 2. Remove and unfold the mask. Apply the mask to a dry face, according to the shape of the face. 3. Wear the mask for 10 15 minutes. Remove and discard . 4. Gently pat skin to allow the remaining serum to be absorbed. 5. Do not rinse. Recommended for use two to three times a week.

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